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Building The Dove

You Can Have A Powerful Ministry

The Holy Spirit came down on Jesus like a Dove before He began His ministry, and the Dove is now available to all of us as believers since Calvary.

If you have desired to be used by the Lord in ministry and want to see the Gifts of the Spirit manifested in your life and ministry, then you need to learn how to Build The Dove and enter into the fullness of the power and divine abilities available to you.

This course will show you how the Gifts operate and how to combine these with the Fruit of the Spirit to experience a life of power and victory through the operation of the Dove of the Holy Spirit in your life.

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Lesson 1 - The Dove in Ministry

In this first teaching, you will learn what all the parts of the Dove represent in Ministry. And you will be able to identify where you are in your progress and development in ministry

Lesson 2 - Building The Wing of the Gifts

In this second teaching, you will learn what the Gifts of the Spirit are and how they operate. And you will also find out how to receive and function in these gifts.

Lesson 3 - Building The Wing of the Fruits

In this third teaching, you will learn what each of the Fruits of the Spirit is and when you will need each fruit to operate in your life.

Lesson 4 - How To Fly With The Dove

This final lecture will show you how to use the principles you have learned to enter into a powerful ministry in the Spirit. You will learn how to fly in ministry

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